This update includes:

  • Fix watermark on preview for layout selection
  • Switch off click/touch to start, if start button is displayed
  • Option to select layout with ctrl-J or cmd-J

The previous changes and features for Sparkbooth 3:

  • Added SendGrid to email photos to users. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • Added Postmarkapp.com to email photos to users. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • Added option to submit emails to MailChimp mailing lists. To turn on this option, go to Settings, select Option tab, select Saving from list and check the "Submit Email to MailChimp Mailing List" option. You will need to also select the Prompt for email option.
  • New touch screen controls. To enable, go to Settings > Options tab > User Controls.
  • New on-screen keyboard used for user prompts.
  • New on-screen photo layout selection and layout preview, so your users can now select the layout to use. Only layouts marked as "Favorite" will be displayed.
  • New on-screen color button so your users can change video filters.
  • New on-screen start button as an alternative to the "Click to start" option.
  • Option to always hide mouse cursor. Useful for touch screen users.
  • Enable Facebook page albums selection.
  • Fixed missing "z" key from on-screen keyboard.
  • Fixed Posterous and SmugMug uploader issues.
  • Other minor fixes

This preview does not include the Canon camera or the native webcam features. These are still under development, but feel free to email me if you want to try it. If you want to use your Canon camera, please read the instructions carefully to get access.

You can use your Sparkbooth license to activate this preview. If you have a Sparkbooth Party Edition license, I will be offering an upgrade to Sparkbooth which will allow you to get Sparkbooth 3. Details coming soon, or please email me if you can't wait.

Download Sparkbooth