Sparkbooth Photo Layout Selection Screen with Different Photo Sizes

The recent Sparkbooth 6.1 update allows guests to select photo layouts of different photo sizes. Previously, guests could only select photo layouts of the same photo size (square, widescreen, portrait, etc.). Some changes that were made to allow this to happen:

  • The list of photo layouts is no longer separated by photo size. It is now one long list of layouts.
  • Under settings, you can filter photo layouts by photo size to help find a layout, but the list of favorite layouts still includes all photo sizes. If you want guests to only be able to select layouts of a single photo size type, you will have to un-favorite all the layouts of the other photo sizes.
  • In the photo layout lists, the name of the layout is followed by the photo size, paper size, and then orientation.
  • Under camera settings, the rotate camera settings is visible and applied regardless of the current photo size of the photo layout. Previously, rotating the camera only worked for portrait photo sized photo layouts. You can also select the photo size from camera settings to help position and adjust the camera for the various photo sizes.
  • It is recommended that you use the photo layout selection screen instead of the on-screen button since the user interface will change proportion to the photo size of the layout you have selected. If you use the button, the button will move as the proportion of the screen changes.

Download 6.1 Beta: