Sparkbooth Photo Booth Software News

Changes in this release include:

  • New landscape layouts
  • Fix layout preview in layout settings
  • Add option to enable click to start
  • Fix centering of message display
  • Add option to automatically set print orientation
  • New photo layout rendering engine

Note: I accidentally excluded the “2 x 2 Top” layout, you can download the fix for that here. Sorry about that!

This is a maintenance release. Changes include:

  • Generates upload log. Some photo sharing services may not be reliable, so each photo’s upload status will be logged in the file “partybooth-upload.log” in your Documents folder. You can use this file to manually upload failed photos later.
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

Have a great July 4th weekend!

Changes include:

  • Add custom voice settings. Use your own mp3 audio files
  • Add customizable upload messages
  • Fixed TwitrPix and TweetPhoto uploads. Sorry about that!
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

Customize Onscreen Messages Dialog

Custom Voice Dialog

This is a maintenance release. Changes include:

  • Add print margin controls. If your system’s print dialog does not have configurable margins, use these settings instead.
  • Fixed Flickr authorization
  • Re-enable click to start on Sparkbooth 1.0 theme
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

What's new with Sparkbooth 2:

  • Print automatically without the print setup dialog displayed
  • New user interface and animated timer
  • New skin themes
  • New voice prompts
  • Customize all photo layouts with overlay and background
  • SmugMug uploads
  • Flickr uploads
  • Fix Facebook extended permissions
  • Minimum screen size is now 600px by 400px
  • More count down and timing options
  • Save individual photos
  • Customizable logo
  • Option to upload and print

If you have a license for Sparkbooth 1, you can update to Sparkbooth 2 for free. Just start-up the application and it will prompt you to update.

If you have Sparkbooth 2 beta installed, you will need to uninstall the beta before installing the release version of Sparkbooth 2. You may have to reactivate the install, here are a couple FAQ articles that may help you with activating or resetting your activations:

Sparkbooth 2 beta update available here. Changes include:

  • New camera settings controls
  • Fixed count down background transparency

The Sparkbooth 2 beta is available here if you want to try it out. Please follow the install instructions carefully.

Coming soon...

Sparkbooth Help Center is now online. You can access it from the Support/FAQs menu item or going to

I am still answering all support questions, but now everything will go through the help center system which will help me organize questions a little better. The help center has a FAQ and knowledge base which will answer a lot of your questions.

There is also a new discussion board where you can post your questions to other Sparkbooth users and exchange ideas.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. If you run into any problems, please email me by clicking the Contact Me link at the bottom of the page.